Extensive VIP Program

Our extensive VIP program offers many different ways to earn, active & passive.

Incorporating Daily, Weekly & Monthly Bonuses, gives players access to continuous rewards, not only engaging them on the platform and contributing to user retention, but also enabling a fluid and rewarding user experience for everyone. Our custom VIP Leveling System goes beyond traditional VIP reward structures and gives players access to Lifetime rewards - even after they stopped playing!

Our Level system is capped to 100 Levels and unlocks new reward plateaus every 10 level reached (e.g. 10, 20, 30, 40, 50, etc).

For every 10th level reached you’re unlocking one daily bonus drop which you will never loose again - no monthly resets!

The bonus amount consists of a base amount and is influences by recent game activity, current player P&L , referral count and more. The base amount of each bonus drop depends on your current level and increases with every 10th level you've reach. Here an example: You've reached level 60 and therefore unlocked 6 daily bonus tiles. From each of them you can claim the base amount of $2 (+ variables) - which is in total $12 a day and $360 per months. Now you reach level 100 and therefore unlock a total of 10 daily bonus tiles. As you've completed another full 40 levels the base amount of all your 10 daily bonus tiles increases to $12, so you will be able to claim a total of $120 each and every day, which is a whopping $3600 per month. (Numbers are exemplary and subject to change.) Base amount: Level 10: $0.25 x 1 Level 20: $0.50 x 2 Level 30: $0.75 x 3 Level 40: $1 x 4 Level 50: $1.50 x 5 Level 60: $2 x 6 Level 70: $3 x 7 Level 80: $4 x 8 Level 90: $5 x 9 Level 100: $12 x 10

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