$2M+ Airdrop Campaign

As part of our commitment to community engagement and rewarding our early supporters, BlockBets is excited to announce a $2M+ Airdrop campaign. This initiative is designed to distribute 5% of our total supply, valued at over $2,000,000, through various contests and referral programs. Below are the details of each component of the campaign:

Season 1 Airdrop

$400.000 Zealy Contest

We are allocating 2% of our total supply, valued at $400,000, is dedicated to our Zealy Contest. This contest involves a series of tasks and challenges designed to promote BlockBets across different platforms. By participating, users can earn significant rewards while helping to increase the visibility and reach of our project. Join Our Zealy Here.

$200.000 Telegram Contest

Another 1% of our total supply, worth $200,000, to our Telegram Contest. Participants can join our Telegram community and take part in various activities and challenges to earn rewards. This contest aims to boost engagement and build a strong community of BlockBets supporters. Join Our Telegram Here >

$200.000 Active Casino Players

To reward our most active players, we are distributing 1% of our total supply, worth $200,000, to active casino players. This portion of the airdrop is reserved for players who frequently engage with our casino games, ensuring that our loyal users are recognized and rewarded for their support. For this, the total wager amount along with the total activity frequency & duration in days and hours is taken into account. More info on that will be published closer to the airdrop date. Play Here To Be Eligible > $200.000 Casino & Presale Referrals

We are also allocating 1% of our total supply, valued at $200,000, for our Casino and Presale Referrals program. Participants can refer new users to our casino and presale, earning rewards for every successful referral. This program is designed to encourage the growth of our user base and reward those who help expand the BlockBets community.

Through these diverse airdrop initiatives, BlockBets aims to foster a vibrant and engaged community, rewarding our supporters and driving the success of our platform. Join us now to take part in these exciting opportunities and become an integral part of the BlockBets ecosystem. Start Referring Investors To Our Presale Here > Start Referring Player To Our Casino Here > All Airdrops will happen after the presale and its vesting schedule is completed.

Airdrop Season 2: TBA

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