Frictionless Transactions

At BlockBets, we prioritize a user-friendly experience and a thriving community. That's why we've decided to implement a zero-tax structure on $BBETS transactions. This means:

  • No Fees on Buys

  • No Fees on Sells

Altough tansaction fees helps to sustain our platform, we believe that it can be a barrier to entry, and we want to remove any obstacles that might prevent people from joining the BlockBets ecosystem.

Sustainability and Growth:

But wait, how do we ensure a sustainable project and reward our community without transaction taxes? Here's the plan:

  • Strategic Partnerships: We're actively forging partnerships to drive adoption and generate revenue streams for the ecosystem.

  • Platform Revenue: A portion of the profits from our BlockBets Casino platform will be used to fuel growth initiatives and reward our community.

  • Token Utility: We're building strong utility for $BBETS within the BlockBets ecosystem. Holding $BBETS will unlock exclusive features, benefits, and rewards within the platform.

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