Multi-level Affiliate Program

Participate in our Affiliate Program and build monthly passive income for a lifetime. You know a lot of players or know where to find and reach them? Then this affiliate program is perfect for you. For every Friend/Player who signs up through your unique referral link you will get paid - AND NOT ONLY THIS! If your invited players invite their friends you will get a cut from their revenue as well. 1st Level (people you refer directly): 25% lifetime revenue share 2nd Level (people your friends refer): 10% lifetime revenue share Let’s do a quick calculation how you can easily earn $2.5k every single month: You invite 10 players who sign up and each of them generates an average net revenue of $250/month for Blockbets - you will get paid $625 every month. Now these 10 players refer 3 players each who also generxate an average net revenue of $250/month for Blockbets - you will get paid another $1875 every single month.

Yes, that’s a total of $2500 every single month - now imagine you refer a high roller/influencer/streamer/people with a lot of reach. The sky is the limit. You won't only profit yourself by being an active affiliate - you will benefit everyone in the community, especially BlockBets Baboon NFT Holders and $BBETS stakers.

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